Inclusive Community

Feel the Warmth of Our Inclusive Community

“I can recall the first time I set foot in Temple Beth El’s magnificent sanctuary. It was love at first sight, as I gazed out the windows at nature’s magnificence and felt an instant communion with the world around me. Over the years, that initial sense of wonder has never waned, as week after week, I’ve seen fall’s blazing beauty transform before my eyes into a blanket of pristine winter whiteness, followed by the explosion of new life in spring and then summer’s sustained glory. Season after season, that relationship between us and the world around us only intensifies.”

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman

Our sanctuary tells the story:We are a congregation of windows, not walls.

Those windows let the sun shine in and direct our aspirations outward. Our prayers are intensified by world-class music; our learning is deepened by open, honest inquiry; our socializing is heightened by inclusiveness and true love of our neighbor; and our commitment to justice and compassion are unbounded. We are truly a synagogue without walls, and the impact of our efforts has resonated far beyond our community.

We are constantly finding new ways to engage people at various stages of life’s journey, from “womb to tomb.” Classes, discussion groups, social programs, meals — lots of meals — make us the place where, when the event is over, no one ever wants to leave. And our upgraded facilities provide plenty of easy meeting spaces for gathering, talking, laughing, and learning — a place where friendships can be cemented over coffee (regular or decaf) and conversation.