Invest in a thriving community

Our magnificent building and grounds have served us well. However, it is time that we update our facilities to match the growing needs of our thriving community.


In order to support our commitment to programming, sustainability, inclusiveness, and spirituality, we need to revitalize our facilities.


With a portion of the funds allocated to capital improvements, there are a number of things we hope to achieve with this campaign.


Our plans include a beautiful new elevator in the lower level lobby and a more accessible entry way.  With these new additions, our facilities will become fully accessible for all.


The expansion of our chapel with a new all-purpose room will make Friday night services and morning minyan much more comfortable, and it will also provide us with greater flexibility for smaller events.


We are most proud of our sustainability efforts. Our goal to become a fully green building will be further enhanced with up-to-date eco-friendly bathrooms.


All these beautiful additions represent to our community and visitors that Beth El is indeed an inviting and thriving community – a “home away from home.”