Our sanctuary tells the story — we are a congregation of windows, not walls.

— Rabbi Joshua Hammerman


Temple Beth El is a Conservative, egalitarian, spiritual community that challenges itself to sanctify each day through prayer, action, study, and other mitzvot. We honor our Jewish traditions and infuse them with renewed meaning by practicing them in both traditional and innovative ways. We pray together by combining music, ritual, dialogue, and reflection. We strive to place Tikkun Olam (“repairing the world”) at the center of our daily lives.


Temple Beth El has thrived thanks to members with vision and commitment. Since we began, our congregation has secured the future for us by providing the necessary energy and funds to create, build, and cultivate our community.

Now it is our turn. Here is our chance to embrace our past and secure our future by making a meaningful contribution to The Campaign for Temple Beth El.


We’ve raised $2.6 million of our
$5 million goal thanks to the
help of recent gifts from:

Anonymous (16)

Stephne & Kerrin Behrend

Devra Jaffe-Berkowitz & Parry Berkowitz

Barbara & Edward Berman

Senator Richard & Cynthia M. Blumenthal

Melissa & Kenneth Broder

Sandra Burn

Rita & Michael Butterman

Malerie Yolen-Cohen & Jeffrey Cohen

Marsha Colten & Robert Cohen

Amy & Aron Davidson

Karen & Dan Davis

Helen & Martin Donner

Sue Frieden

Barbara & Stanley Friedman

Heidi & Harrison Ganz

Lori & Raph Gilbert

Catherine & Craig Giventer

Phyllis R. Gofstein

Joanne & Marshall Goldberg

Myra & John Graubard

Susan & Art Greenwald

Leslie & Joseph Heyison

Susan & Larry Holzman

Elissa Garber-Hyman and James Hyman

Sari & Alan Jaffe

Nancy & Jerry Kapchan

Betsy & Peter Kempner

Debra Adler-Klein & Matthew Klein, z’l

Carol & Allen Krim

Liz & Scott Krowitz

Ruth Kwartin

Ellen & Arthur Laichtman

Roni & Allan Lang

Lois Stark & Gary Lessen

Hayley and Joshua Levine

Ilene & James Locker

Lisa & Jeffrey Manheim

Richard Heimler, z’l & Christopher Maroc

Honni & Sylvan Pomerantz

Caryl Ferber Poser & Peter Poser

Robin & Richard Redniss

Meredith & Eric Reuben

The Romanowitz Family

Lisa & Michael Rome

Jerry Rose

Joan & Robert Rosenthal

Eileen H. Rosner

Irma Ross

Linda & Joe Rothman

Sally & James Rothkopf

Miriam & Michael Schechter

Nancy & Gary Schulman

Betsey & Arthur Selkowitz / Selkowitz Family Foundation

Danielle & Lael Shapiro

Susan & Carl Shapiro

Marsha Kaiser Shendell

Stephanie & Larry Sherman

Sandra & Alvin Siegartel

Bracha & Jerry Silber

Beth & Peter Silver

Miriam & Steven Sosnick

Marcia & Mark Staines

Roberta & Barry Strom

Suzanne & Norman Stone

Jane Levine & Adam Tronick

Sharon & Jeff Turshen

Phyllis & Harvey Walzer

Beth & Sanford Weinberg

Dana & Carl Weinberg

Mia & Lonny Weinstein

Ronnie & Michael Wiederlight

Cheryl & David Wolff

Sheila & Daniel Wolfson

Dana Horowitz & Peter Wolly

Sheryl & Daniel Young