Imagine a Future

We have built from the stunning vision of those who came before us, and now it is our turn to take what has sustained us for so long and ensure that it can enrich the lives of future generations.

We’ve played a unique role in forging a new vision of Jewish life, one that has
our unique imprint. Through the funds raised in this Campaign, we will be able
to further contribute to that developing vision. At the same time, we can pursue e orts to create a model for a 21st-century congregation for a new generation, one that is relevant to their lives, welcoming and affordable. A significant endowment will enable us to create more innovative programming while reducing our dependence on old models of generating revenue. At a time when fewer Jews fall into old patterns of affiliation, we will be able to reach them where they are at and draw them toward our open arms with love and acceptance. In so many ways, this Campaign will truly be our gift to the Jewish community who come after us.